Payment Suppliers

Whether you have an online-store, event management, a travel website, or any website which would involve visitors making online transactions, you would need a payment gateway. So, when people say payment gateway, you immediately think of a service like PayPal or Authorize.Net. But these are not payment gateways, but payment gateway service providers.

A Payment Gateway is a place on your website (or a part of visitor workflow on your website), where a transaction can be made. It’s basically like a cashier’s desk. But instead of you being physically present to handle the transaction, your website does the job for you.

Since payment gateways handle very important transactions on your site, you want to ensure that everything happens seamlessly. So, in this article, I’ll be discussing 4 types of payment gateway integration, so that you can be well aware of the different options and make an optimal selection.

  1. Simple Checkout Method. (Offsite Payment)
  2. Direct Post Method.
  3. Server Integration method.
  4. Advanced Integration Method.