Android Apps

Features & Specifications

We develop Android Applications. One of the most widely used mobile operating system these days is ANDROID. Android does a software bunch comprising not only the operating system but also middleware and key applications.
Android is an operating System supporting a large number of applications in Smart Phones. These applications make life more comfortable for the users. Hardware’s that support Android are mainly based on ARM architecture platform. Some of the features and specifications of Android's are:
  • Application framework: This enables reuse and replacements of components.
  • Dalvik virtual machine: This is optimized for mobile device.
  • Integrated browser: It is based on open source web kit engine used to preview HTML documents and browse the web.
  • Optimized graphics: This is powered by a custom 2D graphics library.
Android applications are written in Java. Android is available as open source for developers to develop applications which can be further used for selling in android market. There are around 200000 applications developed for android.
Android relies on Linux version 2.6 for core system services such as security, memory management, process management, and driver model. For software development, Android provides Android SDK which is a Software development kit.

Android Applications

The basics of Android applications include the following:

  • Android applications are composed of one or more application components (activities, services and broadcast receivers).
  • Each component performs a different role in the overall application behavior, and can be activated individually.
  • The manifest file declares all components in the application and should even declare all application requirements, such as the minimum version of Android required and any hardware configurations required.
  • Non-code application resources such as images, strings, etc., should include alternatives for different device configurations such as different strings for different languages.

The development of the android application of our dreams is carefully monitored by support software’s like debuggers, external libraries, which not only add super exciting features to the android application but also make it interesting for the end user. Along with this android application development framework consists of a mix of external technologies like C++, 2D and 3D graphical application programming interface (API) and GPS enabled services.

Android – a fastest growing operating system of smart phone devices has been popular with its each update. Its versatile, user friendly apps, flexibility has made it more favorite. VBXsoft is renowned Android app development company offering android app development services.Our Professional team of android app Developers performs deep research and analysis to meet clients requirements and expectations. Accessing wide range of tools and technologies we create customized applications which are more powerful and scalable for any android devices. We are providing android application development service globally.

Why Us?

At VBXsoft by using our services one can expect

  • Confidentiality of Data and information.
  • Understanding app development unique idea.
  • Do research & analysis of App requirement.
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  • Customer centric approach
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Acute knowledge, influencing abilities and proficiency in developing android apps are some distinctive features of our android app developers that make our company incomparable. Developing apps in almost all android OS versions for years, we are now expert in building Android apps.

70% of all hand held devices run android applications across the world. Consumers use Android applications for all their works right from booking tickets to shopping. We design and develop intuitive android apps that meet the business as well as client requirements in friendly manner. We design to engage clients. Our experienced android application developers are capable of working on required APIs to provide desired results. We optimize the design of the application so that the user experience in the application is personalized and has a minimal learning curve.

Whether you are looking for an app that will enhance productivity of your organizations employees, or a multimedia based app that aggregates content and streams it to users, or even a contest based application for you to interact with customers in store, we can help you create a solution that will give your customers a cutting edge experience.

We follow a simple process for Android appdevelopment:

  • Analyze your business objective.
  • Conceptualize the Android application and create the application flow.
  • Develop and Deploy the Android application on the app store as an enterprise application or as downloadable application, depending on your requirements.

For more Details on the services we offer and pricing please call or schedule an online demonstration.