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B2B Sub Agent Management System

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Sub Agent Management system empowers agent/ consolidator with full control and clearness of the system with which he can provide the tailored services to other agents and to customers directly. This unique feature will act as a channel to take right business decisions. Generating timely reports will provide a greater insight into the business practice. This will ensure the best usage of aligned partners.


Business to Business (B2B):

Sub agent management will provide great features by providing B2B logins for all sub agents and their staff. It helps in setting up different commissions for different sub agents along with allowing credit management and payment reconciliation. Managing multiple businesses becomes very easy as it has got abs wide range of options with monthly performance reports.


  • Provided automated Account history
  • Automated invoicing system
  • Differentiating markup/commissions depending on subagents
  • Announcing flash deals and be connected always
  • Facilitate payment and performance history
  • Maintain sub agent profiles and logins
  • Credit management
  • Fixed or percentage based charges
  • All documents are automatically generated including accounting and product documents


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